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Block "Love" Hangcheng - Xue Hongxiang, deputy governor of the successful investigation of billion state shares
Date:2017-12-11 14:26:40

On May 25, 2017, Xue Hongxiang, the deputy mayor of Shangcheng District and his entourage, accompanied by Yuan Weimin, member of the Party committee, deputy director and investigator of the functional zone management committee, took part in the hot atmosphere of the block "Love" Hangzhou. The successful practice of blockchain technology. Hu Dong, chairman of the company carrying the leadership of the survey warmly welcomed.
Hu Dong, chairman of the company to the research team introduced the company’s development in detail, with the company by virtue of many years of experience and accumulation of the communications industry, the successful development of the wing bit block chain computing equipment, and access to highly recognized by the market, the company focused on the future development zone Block chain, cloud computing, super computing chips, the establishment of distributed supercomputer center. In the craze of the blockchain, we conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges.
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After the meeting, the research team, accompanied by the chairman, visited the company’s office, research and development center and production workshop. Clean and tidy office environment, efficient and orderly working atmosphere, independent research and development of advanced technologies and a wide range of products has been highly affirmed by the research group.
Finally, the research team said it will continue to help the company to develop and help solve the company’s hardware support, service policies and other issues. Hu Dong, chairman of the company to the district leaders over the past few years, the company’s concern and support expressed gratitude, at the same time, the research team hopes that the company in the industrial chain synergy ecological Shangcheng District to make greater contribution!