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Disruptive SDN technology, cloud-specific practice
Date:2017-12-12 11:37:17

In today’s cloud era, building a hybrid cloud and providing ICT capabilities is the mainstream direction of cloud for government and enterprises. Today, operators are beginning to focus on promoting the convergence of IT and CT, using SDN technology to solve the problem of cost and complexity of cloud-based WANs, and providing an integrated line of "green and cloud resources" in the government-enterprise market.
Snatching cocoon, see the true colors of the cloud line
Today, the traditional way of manual deployment and maintenance can no longer meet the full range of flexible business needs. SDN technology turned out to be a "savior" for operators.
At the technical level, it is possible to integrate SDN technology and use standardized forwarding equipment to reduce network construction and maintenance costs and to centrally control multi-vendor equipment network environments. Meanwhile, with open interfaces, government and enterprise customers can develop rich operation and maintenance applications Achieve network automation, visualization, operation and maintenance can be greatly simplified.
At the commercial level, the government-private cloud dedicated to SDN technology can provide a one-stop service for network and cloud resources and automatically adapt the cloud resources and network resources. Customers can implement one-stop cloud and network resources on the same interface.

Cloud green program architecture map
The whole structure is divided into several levels:
● Portal portal, which provides a unified user access interface and business customization interface.
● business scheduling and scheduling, enhance the visualization of the network to simplify the operation and maintenance of the network management;
● Network controllers and VNFMs to meet differentiated business needs of users in different WAN scenarios and users.
The cloud private solution helps operators automate the deployment of network and cloud resource pools. The new services are launched online in real time. Real-time open and automated operation and maintenance enable industry applications to invoke ICT infrastructure and services on demand, just like hydropower. Real-time adjustment, real-time Effective.
Wisdom innovation park network, open the cloud world practice new world
Based on the hybrid cloud strategy of information needs, it can be said that the main application of government-owned line one of the scenarios. Complete coverage of basic communication facilities in the park, based on the virtualized data center cloud resource pool to provide the resources to distinguish between tenants, the full realization of the park network access capabilities and IT resource pool, can provide enterprises in the park "bag check-in" business environment .
Generally speaking, there are three major requirements for ICT services in the campus network: tenants visit public networks and cloud resource pools, exchange visits between headquarters and branches, and move offices. Through the park cloud green program, you can:
To achieve self-service ICT, users can add and modify their own business;
Realize the virtual connection, the user can create and modify the virtual connection on their own, the corresponding entity connection will change as the user self-service corresponding changes;
Achieve rapid deployment, thereby reducing business start-up time to second-class’.